Side Mounted Magnetic Level Switch

We are the leading manufacturer, exporter and supplier of side mounted magnetic level switches. The side mounted magnetic level switch is an economical free and reliable device used for high, low and intermediate point level switching. It is ideal for tanks with inaccessible tops or bottoms and where insertion depths of top mounted models exceeded.


  • The side mounted magnetic level switch has a compact & rugged construction, consisting of a free moving pivoted float assembly and a switch enclosure in non magnetic material to achieve undisturbed magnetic flux. It employs dual magnets, one carried by the float arm and other by the contact housed in the switch enclosure. A change in liquid level brings the like poles of dual magnets opposite to each other and resulting repulsion force ensures a changeover of contacts with snap action. The magnetic transmission is glandless, leaving no scope for leakages from vessel into switch housing. These switches are manufactured in various materials, enclosures and special features to suit broad range of media and applications. They are designed to provide high repeatability and to minimise effects of shock, vibration and pressure.


  • Installation : Normally Side & Top Mounted for special applications

  • Enclosure : Cast Aluminum

  • Conduit Connection : 1/2” BSP (F) with 1/2” BSP (M) Conduit 

  • MOC of Floats : SS304, SS316, PP, SS304 with PVDF coated

  • Min. Specifica Gravity : 0.6 depending upon float material and dimensions

  • Process Connections : Flanged or Screwed

  • Switch Type : Micro Switch (SPDT or DPDT)

  • Switch Rating : 5A / 250 VAC

  • Switch Differential : Fixed (15 ± 5mm). Adjustable between 40 & 300mm depending upon float, trim length & cam positioning

  • Accuracy : ±2mm

  • Repeatability : ±1mm

  • Max. Operating Temperature : Upto 250ºC and High temperature model upto 3500C

  • Max. Operating Pressure : Upto 20 Kg/cm2 at ambient temperature (Consult factory for pressure more than 20 Kg/cm2)

  • Special Features : Adjustable differential, L/Z cranked trims, High temp. Construction with radiating fins. Ingress Protection : IP 65

  • Float Diameter : 45 mm (48 mm at welded seam)

  • Insertion Depth : 215 mm (Standard)


  • Automatic Pump control

  • Prevention of tank over flow

  • High & low level signals

  • Safety interlock circuits

  • For keeping pumps safe when dry running