Capacitance Type Level Transmitter

We are the leading manufacturer, exporter and supplier of Capacitance type level measurement. The measurement are based on the physical properties of a capacitor. Capacitance of a capacitor formed by two parallel plate electrodes are 

1.Directly proportional to area ‘A’ of the electrode.
2.Inversely proportional to distance ‘d’ between the plates &
3.Directly proportional to die-electric ‘?’ positioned in between them.

C = --- x A / d

The probe of the level sensor forms an electrical capacitor with surrounding metal container wall when the vessel is empty; an initial capacitance exists between the electrode level sensor & the metal wall. When the sensor is covered with liquid the value of this capacitor increases and the capacitance change is measured and converted into an output signal proportional to the capacitance change. Depending on the application and requirement, a part of fully insulated flexible or solid rod probe is selected. The probe head contains the electric capacitance and current transducer.

The system consists of 2 units: 

  • Indicator:- Mounted where indication is required.

  • Probe Unit:- Mounted on top of the tank.

Technical Description 

  • Measuring Range: 50 to 2000mm rugged probe 2000 to 10000mm flexprobe

  • Transmitter type: Loop powered

  • Supply Voltage: 12 to 24V Dc

  • Output: 4-20ma at constant current load of 500 Ohms

  • Pressure Rating: 6 Kg/cm2

  • Temperature: 20 to 100 ?C

  • Enclosure: Die cast aluminium duly approved flame proof abs duly approved for IP 65/67

  • Resolution: 0.1

  • Accuracy: ±0.25% FSR