Glass Tube Rotameter

Operating Principle 

Glass tube rotameter is basically a variable area flow meter. The differential pressure across the annulus area is constant and the flow rate is measured as a function of the annulus area. This area is displayed as the position of a ‘Float’. 

Standard Features 

  • Various Material of Construction, as per client requirement.

  • Line size from 15NB to 80NB

  • Heavy Duty Design with maximum Visibility

  • Ranges between 2.0 lph to 25000 lph

  • Two tone powder coated excellent finish

  • No threads in body, avoids corrosion.

  • Face – to – Face Distance: 500 mm

  • Single piece (jointless) PTFE / PP claded end connections

  • Easy to maintain and replace

  • Suitable for on line installation

  • Measuring span: 1:10

  • Glass: Borosilicate

  • Accuracy: ± 2% of full scale