Reflex Level Indicators

We are leading manufacturer, exporter and supplier of Reflex level Indicator.
Our level indicator give an accurate reading of liquid level, colorless liquid can be seen using the principles of light reflection through the special prism glass. Light striking the area of glass covered by the liquid is allowed to pass to the interior of the gauge, this area appears black. Light striking the area of glass above the liquid is reflected black silver. The distinct line that separates the black and silver areas shows the actual liquid level in the system


  • Type: reflex

  • Mounting: side – side/top – bottom

  • C/C distance: to mention

  • Visible length / no. of section: to mention

  • Op Pressure lg/cm2g/temp. C/sp gr: to mention

  • Hydro test pressure kg/cm2g: 1.5 times of max pressure

  • Process connection flange size & rating: to mention

  • Process connection flange material to mention

  • Material of construction: toughened borosilicate imported kinger/ maxos/ indian make

  • Material of construction: CS/SS 304/ SS316/PP/PTFE

  • Material of cover plate: ASTM A105 (non-wetted parts)

  • Valve type / design: ball check / auto shut off

  • Valve body material: CS / SS 304 / SS316 / PP / PTFE

  • Valve trim material: SS316 Vent / drain connection: 1/2” npt(f) with plug (or) to mention


  • These gauges are connected on the side of vessels, have liquid chamber made of single piece metallic bar stock.
    Clear visibility of the path of the liquid in the chamber is provided by clamping & sealing firmly on the chamber
    heavy duty toughened glasses

  • Accessories: isolation valve, drain valve, vent valve – steam jacket arrangement

  • Option: IBR approved available on request application is widespread in petrochemical, power, fertilizer and
    pharmaceutical chemical industries.

  • Application: Boiler, ammonia receiver, solvent, etc…